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Vintage inspiration shines through in our unique, handcrafted designs.
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Paris Bloom is inspired by our French great-grandmother, Mary Hanna. Mary Hanna grew up in the 1920s in the Michigan Upper Peninsula with big city taste and a small town budget. She designed and made her own wardrobe and was considered the most fashionable girl in town.

Today we’re proud to continue her legacy by designing vintage-inspired dresses for the modern woman. Our high-end dresses are handcrafted in America to ensure quality and value. We manufacture and ship them ourselves to save you money and avoid charging department store markups.

We love helping our customers across the U.S. and around the world find the perfect timeless dress that they feel confident and distinctive in.

Join us and find your timeless style with your first Paris Bloom dress.

– Audrey and Mary

Mary Kunkel and Audrey Cole - Founders of Paris Bloom
Mary Kunkel and Audrey Cole - Founders of Paris Bloom
The elegant Jackie Dress is versatile for any occasion.
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