We believe in the inherent dignity and worth of every person. That’s why our dresses are meticulously made in the USA by men and women who are paid a livable wage and enjoy a safe environment.

Made with love in Dallas, TX

We make our dresses with care and love in Dallas, Texas. Our collection is among only 3 percent of clothing consumed and made in the United States.

There’s an unsettling lack of transparency into overseas working conditions where 97 percent of our clothing is from. Some of these countries are notorious for human rights abuses, many connected to the apparel industry.

Paris Bloom brings back the lost art of American clothes making. Our work elevates the level of transparency in the fashion industry and supports our neighbors and community with new jobs and fair wages.

Jose Portillo owns TLCI Manufacturing where Paris Bloom dresses are cut and sewn. He’s a master cutter with 35 years of experience in apparel production.

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The lovely Skirts and Sweet Tea in our Clemy Dress

Skirts and Sweet Tea Fashion Focus

“I want to take a moment to introduce y’all to a new dress line I am loving this fall. Paris Bloom was founded by two women with a vision to bring to the market dresses that are demure and stylish. When I stumbled across their website, I felt as though their dresses were made for me! The classic lines of the dresses instantly hooked me. Think truly sophisticated style – tailored fabrics, button accents, and feminine details.”

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