Hate buying a dress that looks great in photos but not in person? We pay attention to every detail of our dresses, such as a flattering fit, natural fiber fabrics, lining where needed and buttons that don’t pop.

We pay attention to quality at every step of design and production of Paris Bloom dresses.

It starts when we select fabrics. We choose fabrics with a good texture and substantial weight that are made from natural fibers when possible. If a fabric is light and see-through, we opt to fully line the dress.

During the design process we sample dresses as many as four to five times to perfect the fit. Our goal is to eliminate any awkward bulging, unflattering lines or restrictive cuts. We keep our sizing as consistent and true to size as possible.

Once the design is perfect, we move on to production. A master cutter cuts the fabric first. Then our dresses are sewn by seamstresses with years of experience. Every seam, button and dart is hand crafted by them in Dallas, Texas.

Finally our dresses are quality checked, steamed and pressed before they are packaged and mailed to you.

We pay attention to quality at every step of design and production of Paris Bloom dresses.

Holidays with Paris Bloom – Skirts and Sweet Tea

“Y’all may remember a dress line I couldn’t help but gush about last month. Paris Bloom has become hands down one of my favorite brands, and I was so eager for the release of their holiday collection. The collection features three thoughtfully designed dresses in a shimmering emerald satin, a deep berry velvet, and a festive white, red, and green plaid.”

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The lovely Skirts and Sweet Tea in our Clemy Dress

Skirts and Sweet Tea Fashion Focus

“I want to take a moment to introduce y’all to a new dress line I am loving this fall. Paris Bloom was founded by two women with a vision to bring to the market dresses that are demure and stylish. When I stumbled across their website, I felt as though their dresses were made for me! The classic lines of the dresses instantly hooked me. Think truly sophisticated style – tailored fabrics, button accents, and feminine details.”

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