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5 Things Women Told Us in Our Design Survey

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At Paris Bloom, customers like you are the reason we do business. That’s why we want you to give us your honest opinion about our products!

We’re giving you the opportunity to play a special role in our design process. So far, more than 300 of you have taken our Design Survey. Women are telling us their biggest frustrations when it comes to shopping for modest dresses, and what they want to see from a new designer.

Here are 5 things we have learned from women like you.

#1: Women don’t like the current styles

Many women (30 percent) chose “I don’t like the styles” as their top frustrations when shopping for modest dresses. They say it’s frustrating to see a dress they love, only to find something wrong with it – it doesn’t have sleeves … or the neckline plunges … or the skirt is a few inches short.

“If you find a dress long enough, it will be cut too low or too form fitting,” said one woman. “It would be great to find a dress that you can just put on without having to alter or wear with something else.”

We meticulously design our Paris Bloom dresses not to cling or stop above the knee. They have conservative necklines and sleeves. You won’t have to compromise or buy a camisole, cardigan or skirt extender to “make it work.”

#2: Too many styles are unflattering

The second biggest frustration when shopping for modest dresses—chosen by 25 percent of women—is a bad fit. Many styles aren’t flattering on, or they cling badly to every part of your body.

“So many [dresses] are made of knit blends that cling to every curve and bump rendering them both unflattering and immodest,” said one woman.

Many companies that sell modest dresses are more focused on cost savings and mass production than they are on how well a dress fits a woman. In contrast, our Paris Bloom designs are perfected through multiple fittings and wear tests. We pay attention to details that will make dresses look flattering and slimming when worn.

#3: Dresses need to be versatile so you can wear them every day

We asked women to tell us which of our Brand Promises was the MOST important to them. The most popular choice, selected by 24 percent of women, was Versatile.

Dresses that are only suitable for church or special events have their purpose, but it’s limited. You can’t wear them when you’re running errands or going out for a casual dinner.

At the same time, women tell us that dresses for every day need to hold up to the demands of a busy schedule and the washer.

We agree! That’s why we’re designing our Paris Bloom dresses to be practical, and reusable for different occasions, depending on how you accessorize your dress.

#4: Women want to feel Timeless

The second most popular of our Brand Promises is Timeless. 22 percent of women say this is the most important Brand Promise to them.

Timeless dresses embody the best of style throughout the decades – classic silhouettes, elegant simplicity and quality fabrics that drape in a flattering way. Kate Middleton, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly were some of the fashion icons mentioned who are known for their timeless style.

At Paris Bloom, we’re creating timeless dresses with a special flair that will make you feel like a modern classic.

#5: Easy Returns are essential

Especially when shopping online, women say they need to be able to return a dress if it isn’t right for them. This is why Easy Returns is the third most popular of our Brand Promises, selected by 20 percent of women.

“It has to be easy to return,” said one woman, “because otherwise I’d be too afraid of getting stuck with a dud.”

Some online retailers do not offer returns. Or they only accept returns in exchange for store credit. Even if the return is free, it’s rarely simple!

We believe you’ll love your Paris Bloom dress. And it’s because we stand behind our dresses that we’re committed to offering Easy Returns.

If you haven’t taken our Design Survey yet, we’d love to hear from you. Click here to weigh in on the conversation with your opinions!

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