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Bringing Our Designs to Life

Notebook titled Fall/Winter 2019 with sewing materials.

This week we had our first design intake meeting with our pattern maker in Austin, TX. It’s thrilling to see our fall/winter 2019 collection start to become a reality and we will share some sneak peaks with you in the near future!

In the meantime, here are some details about our design and development process.

Since spring, we have been developing concepts for our first collection of modest dresses that are classic, modern and versatile. We then cut and sewed these dresses to create a set of rough prototypes for our pattern maker.

In late summer, we traveled to Chicago to source fabrics for our first collection. We took great care to choose fabrics that are tasteful, good quality and incorporate natural fibers.

Now our pattern maker will use our prototypes and fabric to create production-ready samples. We’ll tweak these until they are perfect. Then our pattern maker will provide us with highly technical sets of patterns and instructions that we will deliver to our manufacturer.

If you count back to the day we started dreaming up these beautiful modest dresses for you, it will be almost 18 months of work to get them into your hands! But we believe they are worth the wait.

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