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How We Design Nursing and Bump Friendly Dresses

Audrey Cole - How We Design Nursing and Bump Friendly Dresses

Audrey Cole – Paris Bloom co-founder – with her son

There are two questions we receive over and over about our upcoming collection of modest dresses: “Will you have nursing friendly dresses?” and “Will you have any maternity styles?”

The answer to both those questions is … yes!

Since so many of you have asked these questions, we want to explain our philosophy when it comes to nursing and bump friendly styles.

This is Audrey writing. I’m a mom of a little boy who nursed for a year, and am currently expecting my second boy. I personally care a great deal about what dresses I am able to wear while nursing or pregnant.

When I was expecting my first son, I realized I might not be able to wear many of the beautiful dresses in my closet again. And while companies offer nursing and pregnancy dresses, they’re not clothes I would ever choose to buy if I wasn’t pregnant or nursing. But since I had to prioritize function, the dresses were “good enough.”

Our focus when designing a Paris Bloom dress is simply to make a beautiful and flattering dress. We want every one of our dresses to be a dress you would love to wear even if you are not pregnant or nursing.

Since one of our Brand Promises is to design versatile, practical dresses, we work to design dresses that can carry you through many occasions. This includes offering options to accommodate the changing needs of mothers.

Our upcoming Rose Collection launches in August and will include some styles that are nursing and/or bump friendly.

Take a look at our sneak peek of the gorgeous Sofia dress. I have worn this dress at six months pregnant and it looks beautiful. You will have the option to purchase the Sofia with hidden zippers for nursing access.

We want to hear from moms about your style needs. You can answer the poll questions above or leave a comment. We love getting your feedback!

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2 thoughts on “How We Design Nursing and Bump Friendly Dresses

  1. Sarah M. says:

    One thing I’ve noticed with a lot of nursing clothing lines is that the dresses tend to be made out of thin, stretchy fabrics and the prints tend to be large florals. It’s such a struggle to find nursing clothes made out of more substantial fabrics or natural fibers, or dresses that are feminine without being overly flowery. I would love it if you offered some nice alternatives!

    1. Paris Bloom says:

      Sarah, couldn’t agree more! I think you’ll love the Sofia — check out our sneak peek! It’s a lovely bamboo cotton and spandex blend, so you get quality feeling natural fibers with some stretchiness. I’ve worn this dress while 7 months pregnant. Plus it will also be a nursing friendly dress–with optional hidden zippers.


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