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How We Uniquely Design Paris Bloom Dresses

Discover how Paris Bloom designs modest dresses that are stylish and modern.

Today, we wanted to talk about another Paris Bloom Brand Promise: Uniquely Designed. Our dresses are inspired by the world around us and designed with the modern woman in mind.

Where it starts
Paris Bloom dresses start with a little piece of inspiration, whether that be a gorgeous fabric or particularly stunning element of a fashion piece. We follow that up with a rough sketch, which takes into consideration body types, modesty and comfort.

Our initial prototype is sewn and tweaked ourselves before being sent off to a professional pattern maker and industrial seamstress for finalization.

Perfecting a flattering fit
We pursue our goal of providing women with a dress that can be worn over and over again by creating dresses made of quality fabric and flattering fits. The finalized prototype is tried on by multiple same sized women with differing heights and body types.

Based on their feedback our dresses are sent back to the pattern maker for further changes (sometimes up to four times). The elusive flattering fit that invokes confidence is hard to find, which is why we take such care to ensure you’re able to discover it.

Achieving a modern and modest aesthetic 
Not only do we care for our fabric and fit, but also for the modest design. Coco Chanel once said “dress shabbily and they’ll remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”

The brutal truth is some modest clothing can and definitely does look frumpy. However, by wearing thoughtfully curated fabrics, fits and designs this self-conscious moment can be avoided. We don’t want women’s fashion to suffer because of modesty, but instead want to provide you with additional choices to ensure you’re remembered for the woman you are.

After designing our original ten designs for the past eleven month, we look forward to sharing this flagship collection with you and can’t wait to continue on our journey of designing dresses that inspire modesty and confidence.

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