3 Reasons We Love Structured Dresses

3 Reasons We Love Structured Dresses

In an era of oversized, shapeless clothing, Paris Bloom is bringing back classy and structured fits.

Tailored clothing will always remain the classiest and most timeless way to dress. It helps to define a woman’s hourglass shape. You will probably never see Kate Middleton in anything shapeless.

Tent dresses can be comfortable, it’s true! And they have their place.

But here are three reasons why we think every woman should own a few quality, tailored pieces.

1. It pulls you together and helps define your hourglass shape
Many women feel their most confident when they are wearing a well-fitted, structured dress. Tailored clothing is designed with the purpose of creating flattering lines that add poise to your shape.

In contrast, a stretchy, baggy dress lets everything hang out. It is also unflattering because the excess fabric adds bulk to your frame.

2. It is usually higher quality 
Much care is put into a thoughtfully structured piece. Perhaps the reason why retailers push shapeless clothes is because they are much cheaper to produce. It requires little design time, much fewer pattern pieces and less time cutting and sewing.

For example, a basic “swing” dress might only have four pattern pieces: Front, back and sleeves.

Compare that to our Alice fit and flair. The Alice is woven and fully lined. It has over 20 pattern pieces and many style details such as a detachable belt, gathers along the shoulder and ruffle sleeves.

3. Vintage dresses are adorable because they have structure
Decades later, there’s a reason we still idealize the styles of the 1940s and 50s. Women in this era owned fewer clothes, but they were all excellent quality and worn over and over again.

Their dresses had many more details than we are accustomed to seeing today. You would expect to see paneling, darting and cute details on any dress you bought back in that day. A look at some vintage patterns illustrates this. We’re proud to design Paris Bloom dresses that have this sort of detailing and attention to fit.

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  1. Mary Lou Higgins says:

    Will you ever make styles to fit older women who have lost height? Clothes do not fit right due to compression of lost height in mid section!!!

    How to hide this figure fault?? Legs stay long.

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