5 Reasons To Love Slow Fashion

Mary Kunkel and Audrey Cole Work to Design Modest Dresses Made in the USA

Recently we talked about the problems with fast fashion. At Paris Bloom, we choose not to be a fast fashion brand. We want to offer you an alternative to consumerism, waste, exploitation of workers and the cheapening of clothing.

Today we share with you our positive vision for Paris Bloom. We are proud to be a slow fashion brand and offer you a better way to shop. Here are five comparisons between fast fashion and Paris Bloom:

1. Slow fashion means more thoughtful designs

Fast Fashion

Fast fashion brands are trend oriented. They often drop new styles every week. Because these are meant to be quick impulse buys, little attention is put into the design or fit of the clothing. As a result, the fit of a fast fashion dress tends to be baggy, unflattering or inconsistent in sizing.

Paris Bloom

We believe in quality over quantity. As a slow fashion brand we have the luxury of looking past trendy to celebrate timeless styles that are classic for a reason. We only launch two or three carefully curated collections a year and spend months of development time putting care and intention into the design, fit and construction of each dress. It’s very important to get our fit right so you have peace of mind when you buy and you feel slimmer and more confident thanks to the fit of our dresses.

2. Slow fashion means better fabrics

Fast Fashion

To keep prices as low as possible, fast fashion fabric tends to look and feel flimsy and cheap. The fabrics are typically made out of polyester rather than natural fibers. These dresses often lack lining even when lining would make the dress feel more substantial, drape better and be less sheer.

Paris Bloom

At Paris Bloom, we spend a long time selecting the perfect fabric for each dress. We pay attention to the weight, feel, natural fiber content, durability and wash-ability of all fabrics we source. We would never use a fabric that looks or feels cheap in effort to cut costs. The quality of the fabric is an innate part of the overall quality of the dress.

3. Slow fashion means wearing more often

Fast Fashion

Fast fashion clothing is not designed to last. That’s why half the fast fashion produced gets thrown out in less than a year. Fast fashion leads to mountains of discarded clothing, and enables unethical production taking advantage of low wage countries.

Paris Bloom

Slow fashion is a welcome throwback to the pre-consumerism era when people bought clothing that was made from durable materials that would last a long time. We design Paris Bloom dresses to have timeless appeal and excellent fabric composition so you can make them wardrobe staples for several seasons.

4. Slow fashion means buying less often

Fast Fashion

The frantic and frequent dropping of new trendy pieces gives us buyer anxiety. Do you ever simultaneously feel paralyzed and pressured by the sheer volume of clothing choices? How many dresses have you purchased, only to wear once (or not at all!). You buy a dozen dresses in search of that one dress you actually like.

Paris Bloom

Shopping at Paris Bloom will be a more enjoyable experience. You don’t need to buy new clothes every week. But every season, you can elevate your wardrobe with a few carefully curated pieces. Our seasonal collections will feature a beautiful selection of carefully designed, diverse dresses to choose from. One Paris Bloom dress is better than 10 fast fashion products!

5. Slow fashion means locally made with care

Fast Fashion

Fast fashion emphasizes quick and cheap mass production, even if that sometimes exploits workers. Despite the U.S. being one of the world’s largest apparel markets, 97 percent of the garments sold here are manufactured overseas. Not only are there ethical issues with garment production, it is incredibly wasteful to manufacture overseas and ship to the US.

Paris Bloom

At Paris Bloom, we make our dresses locally in Dallas, Texas. This allows us to partner closely with our manufacturer to uphold our quality standards. It also means we contribute to the economic health of families in our community. This is important to us because we believe charity starts at home. Learn more about why we ethically manufacture in the USA.

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    I am so thrilled for your business and pray for success!
    I have two teenage girls and 90% of clothing are from consignment store where we can find somewhat a ‘normal’ clothes. My older daughter is accepted to a Vocational high school for design and her passion is designing a modest clothing for teenagers. I wonder if you would be interested to developing a teenager clothing line together. Please let me know if you are interested to discuss further. Thank you,

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