Boost Our Economy – Wear American-Made!

Paris Bloom is proud to manufacture our clothing in the United States. It was a simple choice for us once we discovered the abhorrent working conditions overseas and the fact that the average U.S. garment worker is paid 38 times the wage of their counterparts in Bangladesh.

It is important to us to pay fair wages and support the American economy, while keeping our prices accessible. Paris Bloom dresses range between $98-129. This price point is comparable to a similar quality dress offered by major retailers. Essentially, you can have the same quality product for the same price.

But major retailers cut corners when it comes to quality, fair wages and ethical work environments.

Paris Bloom takes the direct-to-consumer approach, which means we are able to reduce our overhead and give our customers the quality you deserve while maintaining our American values.

Bringing America's jobs back

Unemployment is one of the most persistent problems facing our nation and the American way of life. We achieve the American dream through our hard work, ingenuity, and perseverance. By maintaining a strong economy on American soil, we are able to foster financial freedom and ensure the values that created our great country remain intact for future generations.

According to the U.S. Trade Balance, in 2019 we exported 2.5 trillion, but imported 3.1 trillion. This leaves us with a deficit of $617 billion, with capital goods comprising the largest portion. Did you know that if we Americans were to substitute $100 billion worth of American goods for $100 billion of foreign imported goods, we could create over 1 million American manufacturing jobs?

Globally, the business of fashion employs more people than any other industry

The fashion industry is the most labor dependent industry in the world. The offshoring movement crippled the American garment industry when it sent apparel production to low wage workers overseas.

In 1960, they heyday of the American way of life, 95% of clothes purchased in America were made here. Fast forward half a century and less than 2% of clothes purchased by Americans are made by Americans.

The U.S. Apparel Market estimated that Americans spent $368 billion on apparel purchases in 2019. That would mean, if we made those products here, we could have created 3.5 million American jobs within the fashion industry alone.

Not only would we be creating jobs, but the manufacturing industry allows Americans to join the middle class without first having received a four year college degree.

According to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, the average millennial has 34% less family wealth than this same age cohort in previous generations. Additionally, the average young person owes $34,000 in student loan debt. With the disappearance of manufacturing jobs in the United States, many Americans are faced with the necessity of a four-year college degree with all the debt that accompanies it.

Shop Paris Bloom to contribute to our economy

Whether out of a sense of patriotism or the desire to make more ethical purchases, start checking labels before you buy. All consumer goods that you purchase have gone through many hands of manufacturing employees.

Making products overseas only increases the profit margin for large corporations and erodes the quantity of available jobs in the United States. Yes, you may save $20 bucks when you purchase the foreign made product, but at the end of the day, what have you actually saved? Our future as a nation depends on our economy.