Behind the Scenes, Commentary

“Do You Only Design Dresses?”

Custom Designed Modest Dresses

Customers have asked us this question over the past months. The answer is “Yes, for now.”

We agree there is a need for other clothing items that are modest and modern. However, as the founders of Paris Bloom, we decided to focus on doing one thing well leading up to our launch.

We chose to design dresses because a dress is (or should be!) a complete outfit. You should be able to effortlessly slip into a good dress, throw on some shoes and walk out the door.

Unfortunately for the modest woman, it is hard to find a dress like that. We have spent hours in dressing rooms deciding whether a dress is worth it despite the accommodations we need to make for it to be wearable.

Sweaters because the dress needs sleeves … safety pins and camisoles because the neckline is too low … dark tights or leggings because the skirt is too short … layering and slips because the fabric is sheer.

We have resorted to all these tactics and feel your pain!

Your Paris Bloom dress will take the headache out of dressing. Our dresses are the complete package – modest and flattering so you feel timeless. And while a slip smooths your figure and is sometimes necessary, we love the convenience of high quality fabric and linings that don’t require a slip. So all you have to worry about is the fun stuff if you want … picking your shoes and accessories.

We can’t wait to launch the Rose Collection for you to shop this summer. For now, enjoy sneak peeks in your inbox every two weeks when you subscribe to our email list.

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