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Let’s Talk About Dresses With Pockets

A purse, phone, glasses, makeup, and notebook. Carry them in your Paris Bloom dresses pockets!

Many women who have taken our design survey say pockets are one of their favorite features in a dress.

Here is a sampling of comments we have received:

“PLEASE add POCKETS to your designs! They are so versatile and make the dresses more practical.”

“I really love pockets and it seems like there’s never pockets in skirts/pants/dresses.”

“I love love love dresses with pockets!”


We hear you, loud and clear! Your feedback is why many Paris Bloom dresses will feature pockets. Read on to learn how we decide whether or not to incorporate pockets into a dress design.

At Paris Bloom, we design dresses that are versatile, practical and flattering. We add pockets to a dress whenever we can, as long as they won’t compromise the fit of the dress. Sometimes the addition of pockets would add extra bulk to the hips. In this case we don’t add pockets because then the dress would no longer drape as well.

However, many times we are able to include pockets as a style feature or as a hidden feature that make a flattering and beautiful dress all the more functional.

Dresses with pockets are essential to our versatile and stylish dresses. We have thoughtfully included pockets on 7 of our upcoming 10 dresses in the upcoming Rose Collection!

We want to hear more from you about your pocket needs. You can answer the polls above or leave a comment below. We love getting your thoughts and will use them to develop future collections of dresses.

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