It’s Time to Reclaim American Clothes Making

Paris Bloom Manufacturing Modest Dresses in Dallas, Texas, USA

Paris Bloom dresses are cut and sewn in Dallas, TX

Until the 1960s, America still made 95 percent of its clothes.

Then came the offshoring movement. Companies sent their manufacturing overseas where they could find cheap labor.

Today, only 3 percent of America’s clothing is made in America. 97 percent of our apparel is from overseas.

The fashion industry was dramatically impacted by the offshoring movement because it is the most labor dependent industry in the world. One in six people on the planet work in the global fashion supply chain.

Despite well-known human rights abuses and unjust pay at factories in third world countries, companies continue to send their apparel manufacturing overseas to increase their profit margins.

What America lost

In the last half century, America lost over 90 percent of its apparel industry. With it, we lost a tremendous amount of expertise. American pattern makers, cutters and sewers were no longer employed.

Today, it’s difficult to find professionals who can do these jobs well.

However when we launched Paris Bloom, there was never a question whether we would send our dresses overseas to be made. We knew we could find the expertise to bring our designs to life right here in America.

Quality made, by our neighbors

As a Texas-based company, we have been able to find production experts right in our own community. We work with pattern makers, graders, markers, cutters and sewers based in Dallas, TX. Most of these professionals have decades of experience.

Paris Bloom is part of a small but thriving community of design entrepreneurs who still rely on these experts to make sewn goods in America.

The benefits of locally made include quality control, job creation, safe conditions and fair wages for employees, and American independence.

We are proud that Paris Bloom dresses are among only 3 percent of clothing consumed and made in America!

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