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Your Purchase Supports Many American Jobs

Jose is a master cutter with experience creating modest women's dresses

When you buy a beautiful, well-made Paris Bloom dress, you have a positive impact on the lives of many American workers.

Garment making is a very labor-dependent industry. Throughout the production of a dress, many human hands are involved. Machines are only used as a tool. The quality of your dress is ensured through the skill and experience of the artisans.

Besides the many support functions required to operate a business, here are the jobs you directly support through your purchase of a dress:

Designer: The designer dreams up the concept for the dress. Sometimes a fabric inspires a style idea, and sometimes a style idea influences our choice of fabric.

Pattern maker: The pattern maker uses a software program to make digital patterns for the design of a dress.

Sample sewer: The sample sewer makes the first dress based on the pattern. This initial sample can go through multiple revisions before the design is perfected.

Grader: The grader uses a digital program to decrease and increase the sizes of the pattern to result in a full size range of dress patterns.

Marker maker: The marker maker arranges the pattern pieces and prints them on large sheets of paper for the cutter.

Cutter: The cutter precisely cuts the fabric to the marker specifications.

Sewer: The sewers sew the dresses, including attaching any hardware such as zippers and buttons. They follow the technical specifications for each dress precisely, down to how they finish each seam.

Finisher: This person is responsible for the quality inspection and assurance of every dress. They remove any loose threads and press, steam and fold the dresses into their final packaging.

Paris Bloom is proud that many of these individuals responsible for the development and production of our dresses have decades of industry experience. We take quality seriously and know you will love the look and feel of your dress.

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