Sneak Peeks, Spring 2020

Help Us Choose Fabric for Spring/Summer 2020

Black and white dotted, floral, and colored denim fabrics

Black and white dots, floral patterns, and colored denims are just a few of the things that caught our eye during our recent fabric sourcing trip to NYC!

Here’s a fun topic for all of you with the winter blues!

This is Mary, Paris Bloom’s chief creative officer. It’s my job to design unique, versatile and beautiful modest dresses. It all starts with choosing the right fabrics.

We begin designing our upcoming collections more than a year in advance. That’s why I took a trip to New York City in the middle of January. The temperatures may have dipped below freezing, but spring/summer 2020 was on my mind thanks to all the vibrant and fun fabric options.

It can be harder to find modest dresses in the summer. We can’t wait to offer you more options by designing our first warm weather collection. There is no shortage of gorgeous fabrics that we can turn into flattering and practical dresses for spring and summer!

For every Paris Bloom collection, it’s important to us to choose quality fabrics that whenever possible contain natural fibers and are washable. This becomes especially important in the summer! Polyester dresses and linings can make you feel hot and sweaty. They don’t have the breathable, sweat wicking properties that more natural fibers such as cotton, linen and viscose have.

You are also probably more on the go in the summer. It’s not practical for you to take every day dresses to the dry cleaners. That’s why we like natural fabrics that can hold up under a gentle wash.

We would love to hear about your favorite fabric types, colors and patterns for spring and summer! We want you to be timeless in our dresses and feel like a work of art.

Leave a comment below to help us decide.

NYC Skyline

Shopping for spring during a cold January in NYC

"Darling, you're a work of art" on a window of a coffee shop in NYC

We think you’ll feel this way about our dresses!

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20 thoughts on “Help Us Choose Fabric for Spring/Summer 2020

  1. Amanda Werick says:

    I love the A-line dresses and skirts. They’re so flattering on so many body types. And versatile! They look great long or short, and in all sorts of different materials. Can’t wait to get a sneak peek of what you ladies come up with!

    1. Paris Bloom says:

      Agreed Amanda! Stay tuned, we think there’s a great style for every body type :)

  2. Starr says:

    I recently watched The Guernsey movie on Netflix (I thought it was a pretty clean, sweet movie!), and I was drawn to those post-WWII fashions! From wide-leg trousers, to blouses and pencil skirts, to floor-length gowns, the womens’ attire seemed classic, feminine and modest. In the very last scene of the movie, the heroine comes outside in this lovely, light blue dress, and when I saw it I though, “That!” It’s just what I dream of in a summer dress! I am really excited to see what you ladies design!

    1. Paris Bloom says:

      Never heard of The Guernsey. We’ll check it out! Thank you :)

      1. Starr says:

        The full title is The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society!

        1. Paris Bloom says:

          Found it! It’s on our to watch list 😉

  3. Miss M says:

    I love wearing contrasting colors next to each other, but I gravitate towards solid colors for individual pieces of my outfit-I.e., plain blue skirt, solid burgundy blouse. Spring and summer I still prefer long sleeves, especially if they are somewhat loose in the arm. In general, long and flowing is what I like to wear, fitted or belted at the waist and wide enough to work or break into a run.
    Linen is about perfect for the heat and humidity of summer.

    1. Paris Bloom says:

      Couldn’t agree more! Thank you for the fantastic feedback.

  4. Brenda says:

    My favorite style is fit-and-flare: tailoredf on top with a big skirt on the bottom (but fitted through the hips to be especially flattering). For summer, my favorite fabrics are light cottons and rayons.

    1. Paris Bloom says:

      Thank you for sharing, Brenda! We will certainly have some styles you’ll like next year!

  5. Cathleen Sweeney says:

    Remembering that nest year in the “20s” again, it would be fabulous to see a dress in an early 1920s style, not the sleazy, flapper style, but those of the French fashion houses of the time. Elegant, worn with stylish hats or styled hair and updos, it would be lovely to see a nod to the finer fashions of the time.

    1. Paris Bloom says:

      We definitely draw inspiration from french fashion… it’s in our name after all! Do you have an examples that you particularly like?

  6. Rosalie says:

    I am in my early sixties, still interested in fashion and modesty. Very difficult to find classic pieces that don’t make mature women look frumpy. I am larger on the bottom than top – a true “pear” shape – so I have always gravitated to suits or skirts paired with sweater sets, most dresses just don’t fit my frame. Judging by the sneak peak and description of your dresses they will be beautiful and classic. I do hope you will design separates – some skirts and jackets. Looking forward to the launch of your collection and praying for great success for your endeavor .

    1. Audrey Cole says:

      Rosalie, thank you so much for your kind comment and especially your prayers and support. We certainly hope to expand our offerings in the future as we grow. Women deserve much better choices as you said. xx

  7. K says:

    I love loose, flowy skirts, and pockets are always a plus. A-line, full-circle, and gypsy/peasant skirts are some of my favorites. I am so excited for this line of clothing that stands up for workers and women!

    1. Audrey Cole says:

      We love your feedback and that you look for companies that support women! <3

  8. Carole Benner says:

    Long sleeves are beautiful and great when it is winter in the desert, but they are in the way when doing household chores or outdoor work on my 5 acres. I hope you will manufacture dresses and tops with sleeves just above the elbow or 3/4 sleeves. Long sleeves won’t push up or stay up on my arms (can’t speak for others.)

    Pockets in the skirt are an added feature that can work or not. I am quite “hippy” and the pockets add to the bulk around my hip.

    I look forward to a source of clothing produced here at home (USA) made of natural fabrics. Frankly, when I wear polyester it stinks! Literally.

    I hope you will include daily clothing for at home work, as well as clothing for church, going to town, etc., and include some lovely coats like you could find back in the day that are more fitted and elegant than mostly what is found in today’s market.

  9. Mabel says:

    So far, I love the designs and look forward to shopping with you. In my late 30’s and live in sunny central Arizona where freezing temperatures are rare and it is usually dry except for the end of summer/beginning of fall. Nevertheless, I’m always looking for modest dresses that are classic, comfortable, and breathable. Spring/Summer makes me think of floral patterns and nautical stripes. Typical colors are white, shades of yellow, green, coral and pink, as well as those classic colors that can just be used year round like black, and red.

    Since I write this during Plastic Free July, please consider creating or at least incorporating plastic-free fabrics into your products. I am corned about the endocrine disruptors that leach from plastic and may be affecting fertility. I have recently been learning that plenty of options do exist and have begun looking into blended fabrics with a higher percentage focused on natural fibers. Those such as Modal, Tencel, rayon, viscose, cotton, silk, linen, wool, hemp, and (even though it is more expensive) cashmere are all natural fibers. The following are future fabrics I’m trying to keep to a minimum: acrylic, polyester, and nylon. Hope this helps and thanks for all your hard work!

  10. Laura says:

    I love polka dots and stripes, especially for spring and summer. Florals are nice if they are classy and grown-up and not “too-too” if you understand my meaning. I’m thinking Liberty-type florals. Most importantly, clothing for ladies in spring and summer must cover the elbows and knees, and be loose and airy. I really look forward to seeing your upcoming collections. Your sneak peeks give me a lot of hope! I would really like to see more below-the-knee lengths.

  11. Katie says:

    I suggest a dress or two being simple colored– pastel, to dress up or dress down with different accessories such as scarves, jackets, etc. Classy, floral chambray…pockets!!! My husband and I are so impressed and excited with what you are doing at Paris Bloom. When I started following the Church guidelines and what our Lady of Fatima has said…I started sewing and making my own clothes to make what followed modesty, but also because then I didn’t have to buy something that compromised my conscience! While I enjoy it so much, I am a mother with 3 children ages 3 and under and I just don’t have time to make everything! So excited to support you guys

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