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Style Inspiration: Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly - Simple Elegance

This is the first of a series about the fashion icons who inspire our Paris Bloom dresses.

Our Paris Bloom brand tagline is “Be Timeless.” We design dresses that appeal to your modern taste and give you an aura of feminine mystique and class.

It’s hard to find quality fashion pieces that make a classic statement. We’re bringing back demure styles, impeccable fits and feminine details that make a dress special. Because our dresses are modern and classic—not dowdy or trendy—you will feel like an icon when you wear them.

One of the women who inspires our designs is Grace Kelly. She is a stunning example of how timeless fashion sense can transcend decades and be a source of inspiration for women in the 1950s to today.

Grace had naturally good taste and a preference for understated and perennially classic pieces. She summed up her shopping philosophy as, “I just buy clothes when they take my eye, and I wear them for years.”

An American princess

“Grace” was the perfect name for Grace Kelly because she was known for her graceful and elegant poise. Even before she met and married Prince Ranier of Monaco, she was considered an American princess of sorts because of her self-possessed, almost regal mannerisms and reserved personality.

When it came to personal style, Grace dressed simply. She was never known for flashy or ostentatious clothes. Her clothes did appear expensive and luxurious, but that was mostly due to their flawless fit and elegant draping.

Grace often wore solid colors and basics that she accessorized simply, sometimes with a pearl necklace or dramatic earrings. She also favored pulling her hair back and keeping her makeup minimal.

And while she avoided clothing that was too tight or seductive, Grace’s style was tastefully feminine. She loved to wear fitted bodices with an A-line, pencil or full skirt.

Grace loved flowers and would wear dresses with a tasteful floral pattern or embroidered floral accents. She was also known to wear a single rose in her chignon.

What Paris Bloom dress would she wear?

We can see Grace Kelly in our sophisticated plaid Grace dress. The Grace is perfect for the woman who wants to feel poised and intelligent.

The fitted bodice and A-line skirt give the skirt a silhouette that Grace Kelly loved to wear. And since the square neckline is perfect for showing off a simple collar necklace, we feel sure that Grace would have paired this dress with one of her favorite strings of pearls.

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2 thoughts on “Style Inspiration: Grace Kelly

  1. Emily DeArdo says:

    How fitted is this? I love this dress but I’m worried that it will look horrible on me. :) Since I know you’re promoting modesty I know it won’t be skin tight, but I’m still worried, since I’m an apple shape and anything really clingy around the middle is not good! :)

    1. Paris Bloom says:

      Emily. We have launched our pre-orders, so if you view the products on our shop page, you can see much better details, a sizing chart, and more!

      Our dresses are fitted, but as you say, they aren’t meant to be extremely tight or uncomfortable.

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