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Style Inspiration: Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton: Always Regal

No one outdoes the Duchess of Cambridge when it comes to fashion sense. We are continually in awe of Kate’s ability to choose stunning and tasteful ensembles for her public appearances.

Perhaps there has never been a more graceful transition to royal or public life than Kate’s. Her elegance and discerning taste have elevated the reputation of the entire British monarchy, worldwide. It is a statement to how good fashion can lift up not only you, but your entire family.

If her choice of wedding gown is a hint, we’ll guess that Kate takes some of her fashion inspiration from Grace Kelly just like we do. It’s clear that Kate has a penchant for classic and timeless looks.

Kate's Timeless Choices

Kate’s dresses and suit combinations would look as good 50 years from now as they do today. She almost always steps out in clothing that is simple, chic and classic.

She is particularly fond of structured and tailored clothing. We love dresses with structure too, because they are more interesting and they help pull together your shape.

Kate has incredible outerwear and likes to pair her outfits with a good button-down coat. We’re guessing that fall and winter are her favorite seasons because she can pull out her extensive wardrobe of coats in nearly every color.

The Duchess keeps her makeup, jewelry, hair and shoes are minimalist and understated. Her clothing itself seem to be her favorite statement. Although they are timeless and simple, Kate’s dresses always include interesting and original details.

One of the key ways that Kate maintains her regal look is by choosing outfits that are demure and modest. You’ll never see the Duchess of Cambridge in anything slightly risqué.

What Paris Bloom dress would she wear?

We can imagine Kate in our Madeline dress. This dress has many features that Kate loves – a timeless look, a structured shape, smartly placed buttons and an interesting and tasteful detail in the scallops.

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