Our Brand Promises: Quality Composed

Hate buying a dress that looks great in photos but not in person? We pay attention to every detail of our dresses, such as a flattering fit, natural fiber fabrics, lining where needed and buttons that don’t pop.

Holidays with Paris Bloom – Skirts and Sweet Tea

“Y’all may remember a dress line I couldn’t help but gush about last month. Paris Bloom has become hands down one of my favorite brands, and I was so eager for the release of their holiday collection. The collection features three thoughtfully designed dresses in a shimmering emerald satin, a deep berry velvet, and a festive white, red, and green plaid.”

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The lovely Skirts and Sweet Tea in our Clemy Dress

Skirts and Sweet Tea Fashion Focus

“I want to take a moment to introduce y’all to a new dress line I am loving this fall. Paris Bloom was founded by two women with a vision to bring to the market dresses that are demure and stylish. When I stumbled across their website, I felt as though their dresses were made for me! The classic lines of the dresses instantly hooked me. Think truly sophisticated style – tailored fabrics, button accents, and feminine details.”

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Mary Kunkel and Audrey Cole Work to Design Modest Dresses Made in the USA

5 Reasons To Love Slow Fashion

Paris Bloom offers an alternative to the consumerism, waste, exploitation of workers and the cheapening of clothing. We have a positive, thoughtful design process that celebrates ethical manufacturing, promotes quality over quantity, and ensures you receive a dress that you’ll love for more than just a day.

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