Final Sale - $45

We are going out of business. Everything left is on sale for $45. There are Extra Small, Small, and Medium dresses remaining. Unfortunately, all Large and Extra Large dresses are sold out. See what's available below or read our verified reviews.

Small (S) Dresses in Stock

Going out of business...

It's a sad time for us... we're officially going out of business. We started out with a vision to make the best quality, fashionable, timeless women's dresses available. And we did!

Unfortunately, months and months of Covid lockdown and people not going out, inflation raising prices, and other supply chain issues meant our little business could no longer stay true to our comittment of affordable, quality dresses manufactured in the USA.

Women loved the Jackie, our take on the ubiquitous little black dress.

The Madeline received rave reviews for its comfort, warmth, and unique style.

Our personal favorite, the Brigette, is cool in the summer, cute as a button, and makes you feel like a little girl playing dress up as a princess!

Whatever your style or season, we have something for you.

Everything is on sale for $55 It's our final and best sale, and we do so with sadness.

Thank you.

-Audrey and Mary

Designer fashion without the price tag.

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